Navi Mental Health Wayfinder

What We’re Doing

In the final report released by U of T’s Presidential & Provostial Task Force on Student Mental Health in January 2020, it was recommended the University “utilize our expertise in mental health research at the University to establish an institutional strategic research initiative focused on student mental health”.

Funded by U of T’s Institutional Strategic Initiatives portfolio, our Steering Committee in collaboration with the Student and Clinical Advisory Committees will develop and refine the vision and activities of this research network.

Over the next several months, our team will consult with stakeholders, including students, administrators, staff, and clinicians, from all three U of T campuses and CAMH to learn more about the student mental health research priorities of the U ofT community. This process will serve as the foundation for strong ongoing partnerships and engagement in the future of this research network.

Our goal is to collaboratively determine research directions that will:

  • advance knowledge and/or develop solutions to complex issues related to mental health and mental health program design and delivery that require cross-divisional collaborations and integrated, interdisciplinary approaches;
  • develop and evaluate new internationally recognized solutions to post-secondary student mental health challenges;
  • identify or develop shared mental health resources and/or facilities that can support student and youth mental health;
  • provide opportunities for the accelerated translation of practice and the dissemination of results into the public domain; and
  • leverage other aspects of the CAMH and U of T collaboration.