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Mental Health Research Matters.

Inlight is an Institutional Strategic Initiative of the University of Toronto committed to improving student mental health and wellness outcomes by investing in high-quality, impactful research and driving scalable research innovations.

Our Vision.

In 2022, we released a Five-Year Strategic Research Plan to support student mental health at the University of Toronto in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff.

Our Story.

Inlight is reimagining how we support post-secondary mental health research on our campuses in order to enhance student mental health and wellness.

Our Approach.

We’re working with students, faculty, researchers, staff, and administrators across our community to drive meaningful change in campus mental health.

Recent Updates

Student leadership in a global research network event

“What a faculty member emphasizes when discussing student mental health can be very different to that of a staff member or a student; this also extends to differences across institutions, faculties, and programs. What is most important is that all perspectives are valued and recognized when making decisions related to the project.”

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A Global Network to Advance Student Mental Health

With additional funding support from the University of Toronto Connaught Global Challenge Program, Inlight is currently developing collaborative, interdisciplinary research partnerships with leading global student and youth mental health researchers, inclusive of students, from King’s College LondonNational Taiwan University, and The University of Sydney.

Our Definition of Student Mental Health

In the context of this initiative, student and youth mental health is inclusive of mental wellness, mental illness and substance misuse.

It encompasses the full length of a student’s journey — from transitions into post-secondary education to graduation — and the full range of student mental health experience— from community and individual well-being to clinical intervention, inside the classroom and out.

We recognize that there is no one student experience at the University of Toronto. U of T students vary widely in age, identity, ability, and background, and in their mental health experiences both on and off campus.

In order to best understand and address student mental health challenges at U of T, we will engage a diverse student voice on all aspects of this initiative. We intend to work with students from programs and departments at all three UofT campuses and at both the graduate and undergraduate level.